20 Indicators That You Are Suffering From Gluten Intolerance

Gluten is a widespread name for the proteins that can be usually found in wheat products. Barley, rye, oats and other kinds of grains contain gluten too. People who eat gluten-loaded foods can feel a plethora of symptoms. These can be described as allergic reactions.  They will feel the intolerance within the digestive tract and that can yield many intestinal inflammations. Small intestines can suffer as well.

Problems like an unpleasant feeling in the stomach can easily become long-term damage. Since, for now, you can’t be tested for gluten intolerance, there is not much that you can do. One thing that helps is doing the test to rule out celiac disease.

During normal digestion, enzymes are in charge of breaking down the long strands of protein. The amino acid that gluten contains is named peptide. It can be absorbed and transported within the body for later use. Sometimes, the body will treat peptides as foreign bodies. Because of this, it will alarm the immune system which will attack the body. This can be a big problem and creates all sorts of health problems and symptoms.

One interesting thing is that many food items can hide its presence. Therefore, that makes it difficult to see the intolerance. To find traces of this compound,  you have to start reading labels. In that way, you will be fully aware of the elements that are in that item. Watch for food additives, medications, and flavorings. Having knowledge of what you put in your body is crucial for your health. We’ve created a list of symptoms that can show you that you are gluten intolerant. Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Constant headaches

The cause of recurring migraines after finishing your meal can be a big sign that you should not ignore. Because we avoid dealing with it, this situation has become very common. We can’t find the right source of the pain so it keeps coming back. As we all know, listening to our body is crucial. By sending signals, it alerts us when something is wrong.

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