19 Things That Don’t Exist Outside the US

For most of the world, Americans seem to be exporting just about everything, from movies to McDonald’s. But if you think you can see everything American without visiting America, think again.
There’s stuff that the U.S. seems to reserve just for itself. Let’s all pretend that we’re a first time visitor to the US, and check out what’s really worth giving a try!

1. Spray cheese

Ah, the famous Philly cheesesteak… Getting hungry just thinking about it. But did you know they make it without even using actual cheese? Things like Cheez Whiz or Squeeze Cheese have a strong flavour and add delicious notes to any dish that goes well with cheese, but the flavour is basically all they have: cheese isn’t the main ingredient there. Still, they love it anyway, don’t they?

2.Doggy bags

Pets are treated very much like family members in the US, and it’s a really serious thing. You’ll hardly find a restaurant where you won’t be offered a doggy bag at the end of your meal if you come with your pooch. And even when your furry buddy stayed at home, if you ask your waiter for it, they’ll bring you one without a question. So here, you’ll always be able to share the deliciousness of the moment with your four-legged friend. But in really, very few pets actually get to eat this stuff. Their owners normally get to it first.

But in really, very few pets actually get to eat this stuff. Their owners normally get to it first.

3. Black Friday

Although this tradition is slowly but steadily being adopted by other countries, the American Black Friday is still a thing to behold. Most shops throw incredible discounts on almost everything they have, and every year, people start waiting in lines long before the stores are opened. Even more, dozens of tents are put out on the parking lot of every Walmart on the night before Black Friday. If you want to see one, though, be careful: the crowds are so huge, you can get yourself in a stampede.

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