8 Exercises To Burn Belly Fat Without Running Or Dieting

Running is a great exercise to burn belly fat and all-over toning but it is not right for everyone.

If you suffer from arthritis or osteoporosis or you have a family history of brittle bones, it is definitely not suitable for you.

The constant pounding of your feet, knees and hips onto a hard surface will cause your bones and joints to deteriorate faster than they would otherwise and could lead to health complications.

While a treadmill gives you a softer landing, it’s still better to find another type of exercise if you know it could cause problems.

It’s also not always convenient to run, even if it sounds like the right kind of exercise for you.

So what can you do instead?

The problem is that running is a good all-over body workout!

It definitely tones and it gives you definition, especially around your legs and middle area, because of the twisting motion and the aerobic effect.

If you’ve got excess weight around your middle and you have no idea what other types of exercise you can do, safely and that will deliver similar results, we have a few great suggestions below:

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