7 Crucial Habits To Double Weight Loss After 40

Struggling with weight loss in your 40’s?

It’s no secret it’s harder to lose weight as we get older, especially as a woman.

But there are some crucial habits you can adapt to your lifestyle that will burn pounds and potentially double your weight loss.

Forty is believed to be a real milestone.

On a personal level, many people say that once they reach their 40’s, they feel more comfortable in their own skin because they really “know” who they are.

On a professional level, lots of 40 somethings have reached a stage of stability in their careers too.

Financially, 40 somethings possibly own their own homes and many have a young family.

There are lots of reasons why for so many people, their 40’s is the best decade yet!

However, there are some niggly negatives too, and one of those is that metabolism naturally slows down, especially for women.

You might be one of the lucky ones.

You may still be the same size as you were in your 20’s, but most women find that weight does slowly creep on.

Even half a pound every month soon leads to half a stone over a year!

Read on to find out about those crucial weight loss tips for women over 40 and keep your figure svelte well into your 50’s (plus).

1. Take That Exercise!

You might not want to hear it but if you don’t exercise (or you only do the bare minimum) now is the time to start.

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