7 Crucial Habits To Double Weight Loss After 40

Not only for weight-loss, but exercise is also vital to keep your joints moving and safeguard your overall health and wellbeing.

It also improves muscle tone so if you’ve noticed some flabbiness creeping up as well as the weight, exercise will help to tone up your body.

Exercise speeds up a flagging metabolism so it’s really important to factor it in every day when you’re over 40.

There’s lots of exercise choice too.

You could take up power walking, it’s gentler on the knees than jogging, or you could join a local class and try something new like spinning or Zumba?

Swimming is an excellent all-over body workout.

If you just cannot face exercise, stop taking the lift or escalator and start walking more.

Walking is good for you and if you’ve never taken any exercise before, just adding a 20-minute walk a day will help to keep off that monthly half a pound weight gain!

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