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7 secrets of successful car insurance claims


Accidents happen every day. Maybe you avoided your neighbour’s cat and drove into a tree? Or that the lamp post was closer than you thought?

Accidents can be very tedious to your daily schedule. When your cars out of the way don’t have all the rigmarole of repairing mechanics and arranging to hire replacement cars. The last thing you want on top of all this trouble is a rejected car insurance claim too!

All Aussie car insurers have insurance terms and conditions, and if you don’t follow them, they can reduce or refuse to pay the claim, and in extreme cases even cancel the contract.

Here are the 7 most important secrets of a successful car insurance claim, if you follow them, you can’t be mistaken:

Report the event as soon as possible
Everything you want to apply for must be notified to the insurer as soon as possible. And if your cars have been damaged or vandalised, you must report it to the police immediately.

Claims tend to involve a lot of documents that can be delivered to the insurance company to process the claims. This can include proof of car ownership and value, all regular drivers (stablished drivers are those listed on your insurance certificate.) history, a detailed description of the event, and maybe even photos from the scene. The more you provide, the faster your claim will be managed.

Get a “ok” from your insurer for repair work
Insurers often prefer suppliers with whom they work regularly, which means that your claim is likely to be processed faster if you use them. If you choose to use a local company, make sure that the insurer knows and agrees to the costs before you start working. Don’t forget to get receipts for all the work you have done so you can be reimbursed.

Be responsible
The insurance does not cover recklessness. For example, if you are involved in a car accident but your car was not in a roadworthy condition, your insurance company may deny your claim. Similarly, if you have been drunk and had an accident, your claim will not be paid. Please read our guide which explains what is not covered by car insurance.

Finally, do not apply for something you are not entitled to.
Yes, we know it’s boring to read the policy formulation, but it’s always worth reading it and understanding any exclusions to avoid any disappointment later on the track.

Be honest and keep up to date with the insurer
One of the biggest reasons that claims are rejected is because of disinformation provided. Keep up to date by notifying the insurer of any damages or any cases where regular drivers are accused of any traffic offences. You should also inform your licensing authorities of any conditions which may affect your ability to drive. Find out more about non-disclosure of car insurance here. You must always give the insurer all relevant information about your drivers and any incidents that may lead to claims.

Keep your vehicle safe
Keep the car locked if unattended, it must be protected by any safety devices installed. If you are applying for stolen car insurance, but have left the car unlocked, you will probably not be covered.

When it comes to applying for car insurance, remember that you may have to pay an excess, especially if the incident was your fault. Paying the excess helps to reduce the number of small claims and maintain your insurance premiums.

Now you know that the insurance terms and conditions of the insurers and our 7 car insurance claims secrets can make sure that any claims you make are effective.

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