Understand the Waiting Period in Health Insurance


Having health insurance will be very beneficial, especially for those who are vulnerable to health problems due to age, environment and other factors. So, plans to buy health insurance for personal and family must be a top priority.

Research Before Buying Health Insurance Products
Today, various insurance companies offer a variety of conveniences to purchase personal and family health insurance. In fact, you can buy a health insurance policy with just one “click” using your index finger.

However, there are a number of things that you need to pay attention to before buying, especially regarding the provisions of risk selection related to medical history or pre-existing medical conditions .

This is closely related to the terms and conditions regarding the waiting period which will be stated in the insurance policy .

It is very important for you to know and understand clearly the waiting period stated in the insurance policy when you buy health insurance.

Do not hesitate to ask for an explanation again from the agent or insurance company that offers health insurance for you.

Waiting Period

In general, the definition of the waiting period ( waiting period ) is a certain period of time that must pass before the insurance protection benefits can be used or claim payments can be made.

The waiting period in the concept of health insurance is a period determined and must be passed by the policy holder before some or all of the coverage, whether illness or health services can be provided.

You must wait before certain diseases or benefits stated in the waiting period in the policy can be guaranteed. During this period, you will not be able to claim for the various benefits listed in the waiting period on your health insurance policy.

However, we don’t need to worry because the provisions regarding this waiting period are more flexible in most insurance companies.

Currently, some illnesses or health benefits that were previously covered by the waiting period can be covered by paying only a small additional premium.

Types of waiting periods
Here are the various types of waiting periods that exist in health insurance.

  1. Waiting Period Beginning ( Preliminary Waiting Period )
    This is the waiting period determined at the initial stage of the health insurance coverage period. This applies to medical care services in the form of hospitalization.

The length of this waiting period ranges from 14 to 30 days. However, this provision is exempted for medical treatment due to unforeseen accidents.

  1. Waiting Period for Previous Medical Conditions ( Pre – Existing Period )
    This is a waiting period for various diseases or health conditions that we have or are currently experiencing. This provision is made based on a pre-existing medical history or condition.

Therefore, pay close attention to your medical history and condition. What diseases do you have, including the extent, duration or frequency of occurrence of the disease. Take these things into account with the length of the waiting period given.

This waiting period ranges from one to 24 months. You can choose an insurance company that provides a shorter waiting period or negotiate to cover the diseases we have during the waiting period.

  1. Waiting Period for Critical Illness ( Waiting Period for Critical Illness )
    During this waiting period, all health insurance and benefits related to various critical illnesses will be suspended. The insurance company can determine for itself the type of critical illness included in the provisions of this waiting period.

The duration of this waiting period ranges from three to 12 months.

  1. Waiting Period Maternity ( Maternity Waiting Period )
    This waiting period is included in health insurance products that cover pregnancy and childbirth because it is intended for the delivery process.

Minimum waiting period ranges from nine to 12 months.

Be Careful!

The most important thing is accuracy in choosing the best health insurance. The provision of waiting periods in health insurance is common. However, you should still be careful to avoid misunderstanding about the waiting period listed in the policy.

Learn your health insurance policy first. Know and understand the terms of the waiting period.

Research before buying.

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