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7 Tips for a Successful Journey


You know, when compared to our previous ancestors, we all have traveled a lot more to various places. We can travel around the world with ease. Mileage is no longer an obstacle or maybe it’s just jet lag that is a problem.

Our world now feels smaller and more affordable.

This is a good thing because it can help us to understand the cultures of different places and meet new people with different ways of living or working.


However, there are some important things that we should always prepare before leaving.

  1. You have to learn or at least find out in advance the local culture. You must do this to avoid surprise or disappointment. Many people go to the trouble of figuring out the most basic of things about the country they are going to visit. Can you guess? They only bring bitter stories from their journey.
  2. Find out the climatic and weather conditions at your destination. So, those of you who live in Jakarta and travel to Scandinavian countries will not be surprised anymore because the climate and cold weather there are normal.
  3. Are all your travel documents complete? If not, take care of it immediately.
  4. One thing you really need to make sure of is your passport. Is it still valid or not? It took a long time to arrange an extension or apply for a passport.
  5. Do you need vaccinations or immunizations first? Try to find out first before going to a strange place. Prevention is better than getting infected.
  6. Only if you plan to drive where you are going to visit then you need to have an international driving license and don’t forget to study the traffic rules there. If it’s different then quickly adapt.
  7. Lastly, and this is the most important. Prepare all your insurance , from life, health and travel insurance. Make sure that the coverage area and benefits are sufficient to cover you while traveling.

You may be surprised and even amazed to know how many people do not prepare for the important things above and their journey ends unhappily.

Don’t let it happen to you too!

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