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Accident First Aid for Your Trip


Family vacation is a time that you can use to create precious moments with your family. There are many activities that you can do in a new place. Apart from having fun, you and your children can also learn new things about various things about your destination.

The number of activities can present health risks, especially if you travel far and exhaust yourself such as hiking. You or your family could get sick from fatigue, get injured, or get blisters from walking a lot.

So that this does not spoil your vacation moments, bring the following items that can treat and save your vacation.

Anticipate blisters

Bring gauze and tape, and also scissors to cut them. This item will be very useful if you are on vacation to an urban area that requires you to walk a lot, if you get blisters on your feet, you can use it to cover it and you can continue walking without feeling sick.

If you don’t have one with you, you can use other items like tissue or cloth as an alternative. But make sure beforehand that the item is clean and safe to use.

If you are traveling by plane, you should put this item in your baggage at check-in, because sharp objects such as scissors are usually not allowed into the aircraft cabin.


Always prepare flu and cold medicines, especially for your children. Children who are sick will be difficult to walk around and can spoil family vacation activities. If anyone has a history of disease, don’t forget to bring the necessary medicines.

If you are traveling for hiking, camping or exploring nature, bring antibiotics to treat if you get an open wound. Don’t forget to bring insect repellent too.

If you are traveling to a beach destination, sunscreen is a must-use item. You can buy them nearby to save space in your suitcase.

Save and Carry It

To make it easier for you and not fill up space in your suitcase, you should wrap all of these necessities in a small plastic container such as a dining area.

In that container, also include a list of emergency numbers that can be contacted along with any health / travel insurance information you have. Make sure these items can be picked up easily when needed, and also keep these items out of reach of children.

It’s a good idea to recap the procedures for using these items so they are ready when needed. Carrying this equipment is also a means for children to learn about first aid (P3K).

Setting up this equipment may be quite a hassle, but it can keep your vacation from being damaged just because of a minor illness .

You can get further protection during your trip with travel insurance . Accidents are one of the risks covered by the insurance policy, the illnesses you get during the trip also include premium coverage.

With travel insurance, traveling with your family will be calmer and more enjoyable, so you can create precious moments that can be enjoyed by your children.

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