Tips for Choosing the Right Health Insurance


Health insurance is a type of insurance that has the benefit of covering the cost of hospital bills, such as the cost of medical examinations, surgery, even hospitalization and ICU, as well as other medical treatments mentioned in the policy.

nsurance companies that issue health insurance policies can cover costs arising from medical treatment performed. Who Should Have Health Insurance? Basically, everyone must already have health insurance. The reason is, medical costs are quite expensive, especially if you have to be hospitalized or have to take certain medical treatments.

Do not let hospital bills take your savings to interfere with your financial condition. Of course, you have often received offers to register for health insurance from various companies, but I don’t think it’s comfortable to start having health insurance. It may also have occurred to you to start having health insurance, but with the amount of information submitted by the agent, so you don’t really understand what the real benefits will be from being a health insurance customer.

Now, this is the attitude we have to change. Before determining which insurance product to choose, we must be selective and actively ask each agent what benefits are offered. In fact, you also have to ask the nominal amount that will be obtained as long as you are a customer of the health insurance.

Why is it said that having health insurance will minimize financial losses, why is that?

Everyone certainly wants to stay healthy, but illness can come at any time without being planned. When this condition occurs, we must be ready for medical treatment until our health condition improves and recovers. Various medical treatments that must be undertaken, for our mild conditions only require outpatient care. However, for other serious conditions that require further treatment, the hospital will certainly suggest several medical tests to determine whether hospitalization is necessary or not.

Hospital costs are not cheap, you know. Coupled with the purchase of drugs and in certain cases laboratory checks will be required. If you don’t have insurance, then you inevitably have to pay out of your own wallet, even if you have to take it from a savings fund. Even though this savings has been specifically collected for vacation funds, marriage fees and even children’s education funds. On the other hand, if you are registered as a health insurance customer, you only need to show your membership card and you can immediately get treatment without having to spend any personal funds. Tips for Choosing the Right Health Insurance The number of offers that come from insurance companies certainly makes us dizzy which one to choose. Don’t worry, before deciding, make sure you have gathered all the information about the products offered.

Here are tips for choosing health insurance to suit your needs: Pure Health Insurance Today many insurers offer combined unit-linked life insurance. For health insurance, make sure you choose health insurance that stands alone. Why? If the type of insurance is combined in unit-linked, the premium will be divided for life insurance, investment, then the last premium is used for health insurance. The portion for health protection becomes smaller, so to get a higher ceiling, of course you will pay a more expensive premium.

Family Health Insurance Especially for those of you who are married, consider choosing an insurance company that provides family health insurance, with the following considerations: Cheaper family premiums Cashless system facilities for families The benefits are good for children, because the medical expenses for children are usually greater Cashless Each insurance company will offer different benefits in insurance payments, whether cashless or reimbursement .

We recommend that you choose a cashless system, so that claim reimbursement will be easier. Why? So that when you enter the hospital, you don’t need to make a payment. Just swipe the insurance card to settle the bill. Another case with reimbursement , when you enter the hospital you still have to pay in advance, and then do a reimbursement with an insurance company to get a refund. Extensive Hospital Network One important thing to consider when choosing an insurance company is the hospital network.

Make sure you have a list of partner hospitals that are easy to reach and have a good track record . The hospital network is an important thing to pay attention to so that it is easier for you to get medical care anywhere, when needed.

Prioritize Hospitalization Health care costs include outpatient and inpatient care. When choosing health insurance, focus on getting higher coverage for hospitalization, because hospitalization is usually the biggest expense when compared to outpatient care.

Appropriate Premium and Ceiling The high health insurance ceiling is directly proportional to the nominal premium paid. The more expensive the price of the selected hospital room, the higher the premium that must be paid. Although ideally we definitely want treatment with the most comfortable service.

In this case, adjust the amount of premium with your financial capabilities, yes. Do not let it burdensome financial conditions. If you can only afford a first-class hospital room ceiling, that’s okay. Basically, the quality of hospital services will be the same for every patient.

The most important tips when choosing a health insurance product is to always conduct a survey and get to know each insurance company: what benefits are offered, the insurance payment system, partner hospitals, and all other points related to medical care. Make sure you get the best and most appropriate benefits, yes.

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